Drone Service Provider

zur Miete mit Pilot 1.000,00€/day 4819 hits

Property Description

Aerial mapping, survey and inspection work. This is a comprehensive service and includes risk assessment, pre-planning, execution and delivery of output.


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Kurze Zusammenfassung

  • Location Hollybank, Monktown, Garlow Cross, Ireland
  • Price 1.000,00€/day
  • Drone type: Quadrokopter
  • Status: zur Miete mit Pilot
  • Akkus enthalten: 10 Stk.
  • Fernbedienungen enthalten: 2 Stk.
  • Tablet / Bildschirm enthalten?: ja
  • Kamera enthalten?: ja


  • Transportkoffer
  • Speicherkarte
  • Ersatz-Propeller
  • Kamera-Filter
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Fergal McCarthy

Website: www.droneservicesireland.ie




Email: info@droneservicesireland.ie

Mapping and Aerial Survey specialists, we provide the hardware and software and give you the output for your business.